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Spiritual Energy Massage

Spiritual Energy Massage - Ayurveda  Wandering Monks

When: The weekend of 5 and 6 December 2020

Where: in the beautiful setting of Sardegna - Bosa (OR)

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The maestro Govindan in the last fifteen years of his life as a monk, teacher, but most of all as yoghi, devised, experimented with and taught a very effective, simple and extremely deep massage technique: Spiritual Energy Massage.
Today, the Spiritual Energy Massage is a gift that the maestro Shri S. V. Govindanji has bequeathed to humanity.
The massage is performed on the chakra reflex zones on the soles of the feet. During this massage technique a rotating movement is used that corresponds with the meaning of the Sanskrit term chakra (wheel). This energy movement follows a sacred sound (bija mantra), the combination of movement, sound and colour associated with this sound induce a state of profound relaxation, wellbeing and spiritual harmony in those being massaged.
Govindanji said: “When sleep won't come or the mind is worried I perform a spiritual energy massage and peace of mind and sleep come in just a few minutes…
The human body with its sensory experiences is the expression of cosmic energy that is expressed through the five elements of nature (aether, air, fire, water, earth), which are the basis for all manifestations. The Spiritual Energy Massage is a means for everyone to create a perfect, harmonious relationship between one's own body and the cosmic super-consciousness”.
The Spiritual Energy Massage is where the real Indian traditions, yoga and Ayurveda, come together.
Yoga, mantra, chakras and meditation are expressed all in the same way using the fundamental principles of Ayurveda.
Yoga is a spiritual science for living. Yoga is the science that unites our life with the supreme existence. By practising certain postures and following certain disciplines, the stagnant energy that accumulates in certain parts of the body opens up and moves.
Chakras are greatly influenced by the quality of mental activity, particularly by the negative emotions of the mind. Anger and intense preoccupation devitalize the whole body making it susceptible to all kinds of illness. After experiencing a strong emotion such as anger, the body feels exhausted. At the same time, emotional traumas damage chakras, just as they are damaged by serious physical diseases.
Physiological knowledge of chakras is interpretative, while yogic consciousness is revelatory.
Ayurvedic implies interaction between the subject and object (of the knowledge). The physiological Ayurvedic investigation presupposes a dualism between the "knower" and what is to be known. Yogic consciousness is based on the presupposition that there is ontological identity between the "knower" and what is to be known.
Mantra is a term that denotes a word or a group of words that possess and produce a phonetic energy vibration. When certain sacred words are repeated aloud in a certain fixed way, these sacred words release a form of energy.
A very powerful energy penetrates and spreads through the whole body. This form of energy helps balance the mind and conscience. Just as food is chosen for the body, the mantra must be chosen to feed the individual's soul.
The mantra must be recited loud enough to be able to hear its sound. The vibration of this sound penetrates ever deeper into the heart and in the end silence is all that is left.
Silence and meditation bring harmony and order to people's lives. Meditation reawakens intelligence and this intelligence spontaneously and naturally leads to the search for a happy and peaceful existence.
I have personally had the experience of the conversion of knowledge into wisdom through this massage and of its spiritual energy and I have been able to subconsciously perceive, with a great sense of peace, that this massage could be a method for holistic cure.
Parts of this text come from a manuscript left to me by Govindanji. No parts may be used without the prior permission of Alida Dal Degan.
Teacher: Alida Dal Degan.
A participation certificate and a recording of the mantras used during the practice session will be given to those taking part.

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