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Wandering Monks massage seminars

Wandering Monks massage seminars - Ayurveda  Wandering Monks

When: Three weekends over two months and two evenings of tutorials. Beginning October 12, 2013, deadline December 8, 2103.

Where:   House Poma http://www.centrocasapoma.com/

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Training course conducted by Alida Dal Degan, devoted disciple of Guru Govindan direct from whom he received the task of disseminating this important tradition.
An Ayurvedic massage which has its roots in the tradition of the Wandering Monks, a powerful technique, effectively, designed and used to provide relief and aid to the human being in its entirety. A massage that "cure" according to the Ayurvedic principle of non-separation, equilibrium and consciousness.
for more information alida.daldegan@inrete.it