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Alida Dal Degan

Alida Dal Degan - Ayurveda  Wandering Monks

In 1987 she met the Indian monk Govindan-ji, a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi and devoted servant and personal masseur to Saint Vinoba Bhave. For fifteen years the maestro Govindan-ji personally taught her the art and science of Ayurvedic massage.

In 1990 Alida Dal Degan founded the first School of Massage and Foundations of Ayurvedic Massage. Teaching here beside her were Dr George T. Dharmarama (her yoga teacher) and Vaidya Chandrashekkar Ganesh Joshi from Poona. She studied abroad many times in India and Sri Lanka and over the following years she was President of the “Sarasvati” International Institute of Ayurvedic Studies, where Italian and Indian doctors teach side by side with Italian and Indian university lecturers. In 1997 she received acknowledgment from the Sree Sankara Hospital (Kerala – India) for the type of training she gave from the Yogacharya and Acharya Govindan-ji and for her work in promoting Ayurvedic massage and yoga. She has written many articles in the main specialist magazines and in the Italian magazine “Domani” published in India for the Puducherry Ashram and has been consultant for the television channel Rai Educational for “the culture of cures”.

One of her greatest commitments is to promote and spread the Ayurvedic massage of the wandering monks. This ancient art that was taught to her by the maestro Govindan-ji uses techniques and precepts that are different but complementary from those used in Ayurvedic clinics.

“Il Punto di Incontro” has just published her book “Nel Cuore del Massagio Ayurvedico” (At the Heart of Ayurvedic Massage).