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Ayurveda Book - Ayurveda  Wandering Monks

At The Heart of Ayurvedic Massage - A Look at India Alida Dal Degan

This book is a manual with photographs that passes on the art of Ayurvedic Massage as practised by the Wandering Monks, ancient discipline that uses techniques that are different from those practised in Ayurvedic clinics and taught in Western schools, which today risks being lost.
The reader is taken on a journey to learn more about this ancient manual discipline with the help of sacred scriptures and by traditional Indian medical texts. It is a useful book for people receiving massage or Ayurevedic medicine treatments that helps them understand a little more in depth what lies at the heart of all therapeutic treatments. It is a textbook for the increasing number of students of Ayurveda, whether they be future therapists or doctors.
And finally it is a book for travellers, for all those who want to get to know the most profound and unique aspects of Indian culture; the tale of a journey whose central notion is the only truly important journey: the interior one

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