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AYURVEDA – WANDERING MONKS - Ayurveda  Wandering Monks
“Tradition would have it that special, extremely spiritual men practiced the ancient art of Ayurvedic massage as a service and an aid for all those people who could not receive care in an Ayurvedic clinic, especially those who could not for financial reasons. This Indian philosophy has replaced many “potent” remedies with forms of massage. With these techniques help had to be immediately provided…”
(from Alida Dal Degan’s book “Nel Cuore del Massaggio Ayurvedico, Il Punto d’Incontro)
The Indian maestro Govindanji lived his whole life as a spiritual researcher, spreading his great message of love around the world. From his childhood on, he embodied this mission, first living alongside the monks in Gandhi’s Ashram for whom he worked as secretary, and later living for many years beside the saint Vinoba.
He travelled to England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Bali, holding seminars on yoga and ayurveda. He published around twenty books in various Indian languages as well as in Italian and English and thanks to his hard work he helped promote ayurveda around the world, arousing much interest in the West.