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A school of LIFE

A school of LIFE - Ayurveda  Wandering Monks
The wild goose , hamsa, symbolises the freed spirit, and its name, repeated until it becomes so’ham, is the breathing mantra and indicates union with the Absolute.

The school is particularly interesting for those who approach for the first time in the world of Ayurveda, for those who already have knowledge of the subject, for those who want to take the path to a new possibility of work and life.

For the type of formation of the whole teaching staff the school and the individual modules are particularly suitable for all those people who are also looking for a spiritual breakthrough to their existence.

The school offers not only learning, proposes a journey, journey understood as a metaphor of life and self-knowledge, an internal journey.

Doctors and caregivers; beauticians and therapists who want to complement or expand on these concepts, they will have some ideas that will surely enrich their professional life, family and staff. They will seize the opportunity to move closer to a philosophical life that contains intimately the concept of wellness of disease and happiness.